What is Table 229?


Our beloved gathering space has recently closed and Table 229 is currently not

meeting while we actively seek new space. 


If you would like to host Table 229, please contact us at table229mn@gmail.com

Table 229 is a dinner church centered around connection, authenticity, and shared leadership. It is about gathering to reconnect with our own hearts and souls, about remembering all of the ways we are all connected to one another – and then taking that beyond ourselves, connecting the stories of our lives with the great divine story. There is candlelight and music, conversation and prayer – and kids running around! It’s relaxed and it’s real. And it all happens around a table and a shared meal.

Why “229”?  The name comes from the Book of Matthew, Chapter 22, Verse 9: Go into the streets and invite everyone to the feast. Sitting down and eating with people different from him was one of the most radical things Jesus did. He defied social expectation, broke the rules, and tried to get people to understand there is no “other”; we are all connected. Likewise, Table 229 is a place to practice breaking down barriers, loving your neighbor, and resisting society’s labels.

What can I expect?  It’s not a Sunday-morning style church, but Table 229 is grounded in the Episcopal tradition, and you can expect some deep-rooted rituals: candles, simple music, prayer. You can expect a sharing of ancient stories, and connecting them to our lives now. You can expect bread and wine, and the opportunity to enter into that thin space of holy mystery together. You can expect to eat a meal! Beyond that, it is you, the gathered community, which shape and fill the experience through conversation and connection with one another. 

So…there is food?
 Yes! Every Sunday evening is an open, all-are-welcome dinner party. You will sit at a table with people you might know and people you don’t know yet, people who might be similar to you, or very different from you, eat a meal, and share thoughts, and ideas, and hearts. You may hear some new things. You will feel heard yourself.  What should I bring, what should I wear? Bring yourself. And bring a friend, if you want to, Wear whatever is comfortable. This is about authenticity, not appearances.

Can kids come? Yes, please! Everyone, from toddlers to teens to elders, has an equal seat at Table 229, and an equal voice in the conversation.
Is there a cost? We happily accept free-will donations to cover expenses, but there is no fee to attend.
Do I need to have any specific religious beliefs? Nope.The bottom line: All are invited and welcome, without exception, and all are needed, because we make the Table together. Come hungry; come as you are.